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Landronka, Klamovka, Star Game Reserve and more ...


The project Rezidence Na Hřebenkách is located in the beautiful Prague location known as Hřebenka. Cadastrally, this area belongs to Prague 5 - Smíchov. "Hřebenka" was the name of a medieval farmhouse, which spread out on the slopes of Smíchov at that time covered with vineyards and hop fields. At the turn of the 19th and 20th century and particularly during the First Republic a large building boom occurred in this Prague district and the luxurious residential part of the city was established.


The southern side of the Strahov hill provides peace, quiet and sunny place in the green. The park Klamovka is next to project, direction north there is Petrin and Strahov and a bit farther Landronka with the Star Game Reserve – all within walking distance.


Within walking distance you can also find full amenities such as schools, nurseries, doctors, shops and more. See our interactive map and make sure that you can find any place of your interest. You can also find the five-star business and entertainment center Nový Smíchov which is just five minutes driving.

Despite the quiet location in the green, there is a great transport accessibility. For connection to the city center you can use Plzeňská street or go across Strahov hill. The bus stop Nad Klamovkou is only a minute away from the house, and the tram station is just five minutes on foot. 


We have prepared an interactive map of the area of the Rezidence Na Hřebenkách, which will give you an idea of this place. We selected the most interesting and important elements of the surrounding area and divided them into several groups. Find out if Hřebenka meets your requirements for an ideal place to live, whether it is a good place to live with children or for recreation for elderly couples. Get an idea of ​​distances.

Just tick the area of ​​interest and the map will show you the exact location of the point.

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